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How to contact me


E-mail address*


Please complete and send the form to initiate an exploratory discussion on the type of coaching - individual, group or team coaching - that is of interest to you.

During that conversation, we will address the overall purpose, possible duration and the terms of the type of coaching you would like to start.

If you have not worked with a coach before, you will be able to sample a coaching discussion. 

It is only after the exploratory discussion that you decide whether or not you go ahead. I also retain the liberty of referring you to another coach or recommending a different type of support.

If you would like to contact me directly, please refer to the details below.

My details

Beate Raabe

Tel. +32 2 779 17 66

Mobile: +32 495 26 06 73

Rue Firmin Martin, 2

B - 1160 Auderghem

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